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Tattooing Covid Style


Since tattooing requires us to be very close to each for a long period time, the safety protocols are a bit more involved than other businesses. This is the plan I have outlined for now but it may change as new information comes out. I appreciate your patience and cooperation. If we do this right, we can keep the good times rolling!



Scheduling – I will be working strictly by appointment only and consults will be done remotely, unless it is absolutely necessary to meet in person.


Travel solo – Please come alone as I can only allow one person in the studio at a time and there is no waiting area.


Masks – Since we work so closely for such a long time, I am asking that masks be worn when in the studio, regardless of vaccination status. If your mask is loose or damaged I will provide you with a new one. 


Before your appointment – If you have any symptoms (ie: fever, aches, cough, or just are feeling a bit “off”) or if you have been exposed to anyone who has symptoms or has tested positive in the past 14 days, please let me know as soon as possible so we can reschedule for a better time. 


When you arrive – Please wash your hands at the sink in the hallway or clean your hands with the hand sanitizer provided when you enter the studio.


For everyone's safety, I have to insist on following these guidelines closely. For example, I can't allow things like the “nose above the mask” or the “chin mask.” Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns, there may be ways to modify the process if there are aspects that might not work for you.


Things are finally moving in the right direction so let's do our part to beat this virus down so we can keep it healthy and get on with our lives!




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